Masculine Home Office

Masculine Home Office


January 28, 2022

With the increasing demand and suitability for remote working lifestyles, the entire working arena has taken a 180-degree turn in terms of work culture.

All remote workers have adapted to the work-from-home culture, but a selected few thrive in such a setup.

The main culprit is an uninspiring home office setup that limits work proficiency and productivity.

Remote working individuals spend a considerable chunk of their day at their homes, so they need a dedicated space that portrays their sense of style and aesthetics.

But setting up a home office is not as simple as it sounds. One such example is setting up a home office with masculine features, accessories, and elements.

If a manly home office seems something right up your alley, we recommend reading our article explaining masculine home office and its setup at length.

What is a Masculine Home Office?

What is a Masculine Home Office?

Simply put, a masculine home office is filled with dark interiors and rugged-looking feature items that showcase strength, power, and leadership.

The history of a manly home office dates back to the early 50s and later dominated through the 70s, 80s, and 90s. During that period, such space was popularly known as a man’s study wherein the head of the house would retire to relax after a long day.

These days, it is more or less known as a man cave that serves the same purpose it did in the past. However, a masculine home office is a step forward as it incorporates leisure and work-life in equal parts.

A home office has become a necessity these days, but adding a bit of masculine style flair and personality takes any vanilla home office up a notch.

It is always fulfilling to have a space of your own that portrays your individuality and essence, and a masculine home office often reflects the same for men.

Typical manly home offices steer clear of poppy shades, floral designs, and pastel hues. Instead, they often showcase statement pieces and work essentials that look robust.

The most sought-after masculine home office styles include pure industrial, deep minimalist, rustic, mid-century modern, and dark art deco.

Is it a Good Idea to Turn Your Home Office Masculine?

Is it a Good Idea to Turn Your Home Office Masculine?

Are you contemplating whether to go ahead with a masculine theme or not? Hold your decision and consider reading a few primary pros and cons of this home office style.


  • Increased productivity: A masculine home office is bound to increase your productivity and help you become efficient to a greater extent. You can be thoroughly organized, which will surely increase your creativity and boost your decision-making process.
  • Dedicated safe space: A dedicated safe space and perfect compartmentalization allow men to focus on their work compared to working in a common area shared by the rest of the family. A proper masculine home office enables the brain to work automatically when an individual enters the space.
  • Sense of individuality: Work from home can feel monotonous and uninspiring when one has a regular workspace. A masculine home office often gives a sense of individuality that helps boost the confidence of that particular individual.


  • Can be expensive: A masculine home office may feel like an exciting project, but it can surely burn a big hole in your pocket. Often, people get so engrossed with continuing the theme that they create a downright expensive setup.
  • May ruin your home theme: If your house has an open plan layout, then a masculine setup can damage the entire theme of the house and make it stand out like an eyesore. Similarly, it may look weird if you follow a single theme throughout the house and decide to create a masculine-themed workspace.
  • Extra comfort induces sleep: Many men create their masculine home office with comfort-inducing units. These furniture pieces and elements add extra comfort, translating into unwanted time-consuming daytime naps.

How to Make a Home Office More Masculine

How to Make a Home Office More Masculine

Creating a home office with a masculine touch requires a little planning and prep beforehand. We have shared an efficient step-by-step method to help you get closer to your dream masculine workspace.

  • Create a mood board: A mood board may feel a little excessive, but you need to have a plan before starting your work! Collect a few inspirations that you like and think of ways to showcase your work equipment optimally.
  • Select a masculine color: A wall color truly sets up the whole ambiance of any room; therefore, pick the color with great care. A masculine home office should always have deep and dark tones to create the magic of a masculine feel. Hues of deep green, dark blues, greys, and blacks are perfect for the office. If, however, you do not wish to paint the whole room dark, opt for a statement dark wall with light walls surrounding it.
  • Pick masculine furniture: A desk is an essential feature of a room and serves great functionality for remote working. We recommend picking a desk that looks rustic or has an industrial feel, and exposed pipes for desk legs can be a great place to start. Similarly, if you have ample space, consider investing in an antique bookcase to tie up the entire furniture together.
  • Invest in a statement chair.: One needs utmost comfort to work from home, and a comfortable statement chair is something they should splurge on. Opt for leather chairs or mid-century modern chairs that look larger than life to keep the theme rolling.
  • Add a grand lighting: No home office is complete with proper lighting that allows individuals to work without disturbance. If you have a high ceiling, we highly recommend going for a grand chandelier that will elevate the entire room’s essence.
  • Curate masculine accents, art, and storage units: It is said that the devil lies in the details! Therefore, this might be your most challenging task to collect and curate an array of accents, art, and storage essentials that follow the masculine theme. Wooden framed mirrors, oversized accent clocks, wire storage cubbies can be an excellent starting point. Go on a hunt to find old vintage books or rustic copper-laced artifacts. If you wish to keep a modern home office, find artifacts of black and white color with clean lines. Additionally, a little greenery never hurts anyone! A few or a single potted plant will bring freshness to the room while improving air quality.
  • Hang picture frames and office knick-knacks: Hanging picture frames is your final step. You need to finish your office by hanging a stunning picture frame and a few sports memorabilia with all the essential office knick-knacks. If a piece of equipment does not go with the room, you can opt for a vintage organizer or tiny trunk to store those crucial work-related gadgets.

Easy Tips on Making a Workspace More Masculine

Easy Tips on Making a Workspace More Masculine
  • Incorporate dark walls with light furniture.
  • Choose a gender-neutral color if you wish to stay in cohesion with the rest of the house.
  • An individual can never go wrong with black and white.
  • Play and add as much natural wood in your workspace as you can.
  • Clean lines with minimalist deep shades can also invoke masculine features.
  • Keep your desk clutter-free and fill the wall with accent pieces.

Decor Inspiration to Add a Manly Feel to your Workspace

Decor Inspiration to Add a Manly Feel to your Workspace
  • Antique clock: If you are someone who doesn’t like useless decor pieces or unnecessary clutter, then a fully functional clock can be an excellent piece to include in your masculine home office.
  • Sports memorabilia: This one is for men who live and breathe sports! We are optimistic that adding your most prized possession to your workspace can keep you grounded and focused.
  • Leather books: If you enjoy reading books, buying a vintage leather-bound book set is the ideal decor option. You can also hunt old bookstores and visit auctions to find the best genuine leather-bound books for your productive workspace.
  • Chess set: A quick chess game can be highly stimulating for your mind during short breaks. You can always have mini chess or a full-sized chessboard nearby when you wish to keep your eyes away from the screen.
  • Paperweight: A paperweight is an ideal decor product that is equally functional. We have seen many men make their paperweight with river stones and resin; if you aren’t comfortable making your own, search online for the manliest-looking paperweights.
  • Manly candle: Who says a candle can only serve as a feminine decor option? The market is brimming with manly candles that smell like wood, musk, dirt, and whatnot!
  • Coffee Mug: Every working individual practically runs on caffeine, so use this addiction or crutch and make it an essential and functional home office decor.


We hope our comprehensive guide on masculine home offices gave you a few ideas for designing your workspace.

However, while upgrading your drab workspace into a manly home office, do not forget the sight of functionality. Only add pieces that serve a purpose and be efficient to perform better!



Anthony Laird is an interior designer and decorator with many years of experience. He is passionate about helping people make the most of their living space. Leveraging his many years of experience, Anthony Laird teaches people how to create the most inspiring interior spaces. With the increasing rate of home offices across the world, Anthony Laird now uses LichtenCraig to help more people design home offices that suit their personality and increase productivity.