Luxury Home Office

Luxury Home Office


January 29, 2022

What ignites a simple design structure to become sophisticated and attractive? It’s the luxury bound behind the setup that makes any place a haven of sophistication. But should this luxury be limited to your living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens?

We feel a perfect luxurious home office with custom touches positively unites work and leisure.

No matter where and how much you’re working these days, a spacious personal home office clad with all the luxurious amenities is ten times better than working in your living room.

Every person who loves comfort knows that dressing up in the workspace will add productivity and give peace of mind while working.

A home office is truly an extension of yourself, so wrapping that workspace in sophistication will surely make you feel like you are putting your best foot forward every day!

Fortunately, curating and setting up a top-tier luxury home office can become manageable with our comprehensive guide. Consider reading and implementing all these ideas and suggestions for yourself or help make your favorite office dweller’s workstation a whole lot opulent!

Why Set Up a Luxurious Home Office?

Why Set Up a Luxurious Home Office?

You might be contemplating whether to go on with this idea or trash it and continue working in your old setting.

However, let us explain a few reasons why getting yourself a luxury house is more nuanced apart from its apparent looks and charms.

Adds value to your residence

An extra benefit to setting up a fully luxurious office is the added value it brings to the rest of your home.

Think of it from a business vantage point; if someday you decide to move to a new house, your luxurious home office is bound to attract high-paying prospective buyers. With remote working being a norm, a future buyer might also want to invest in a house studded with luxuries and amenities.

Healthy work-life balance

This point is probably one of the fundamental reasons you should opt for a luxury home office. The work culture has taken a complete turn, and the remote work-from-home pattern has spread exponentially.

While remotely working from home sounds like a sweet deal, it comes with its share of problems. People often cannot work or rest properly with work and leisure areas colliding together.

Having a separate luxurious home office takes care of such issues as one can easily enjoy both worlds by closing or opening a door (quite literally).

Curate and tailor according to your needs

One exciting beauty of a luxury home office is the ability to include all the needed amenities according to your personal preference.

You might have to adjust to various places, including your house or corporate workplace; however, that doesn’t have to be the case in personal home offices. A luxury home office thus incorporates every minor or essential need in your workspace.

Abundance of comfort

Working by sitting on a dining chair or in your guest bedroom doesn’t qualify as comfort. But a home office setup with all the tailormade modern amenities, rich fabrics, and a great view can surely make you feel comfortable and satisfied.

The right frame of mind to work

Having a personal workspace enables the mind to get in the work mode as soon as your enter your workspace. This instinct can lose its way when you work in shared spaces at home.

However, your luxurious office will always keep you in the right frame of mind to work. Similarly, you will be in a completely relaxed zone once you leave your office and enter the rest of the house.

Choosing Luxurious Furniture

Choosing Luxurious Furniture

You cannot deck up a luxury study without including statement pieces of furniture. If you wish to have the utmost luxurious feel, we recommend splurging on exotic-looking articles that look like artwork in themselves.

Another great way to spruce elegance is by adding a full-length bookshelf or shelving dividers to hold multiple decors and work-related units. If you plan on buying a partition, avoid over cluttering by filling up only a few boxes.

Filling up a few compartments will create a natural flow when you stare across the rest of the room. Selecting a gorgeous office desk should be your priority as that will be the centerpiece of your entire room.

A dark executive desk will instantly make the space more office-like and regal. That being said, try to find a desk that has the most extensive surface area.

Let’s move on to the next important furniture piece, your throne – the chair! We highly recommend opting for executive office chairs that are tufted with luxurious upholstery.

The fabric helps create an ambiance that instantly looks expensive with the added touch of ultra comfort. You can never go wrong with textured fabrics like velvet for your office chair.

Consider adding extra seating in front of a desk if you invite your colleagues or plan on executing business deals in your home office. Make sure the arrangement isn’t causing a lot of clutter.

Lastly, ensure that the chair has excellent back lumbar support to prevent neck and back pain.

If your home office has more extensive square footage, you can even add a mini sofa or love seat to lounge and relax in between your break.

Another significant change that holds power to transform the whole place has to be the flooring. You can opt for wooden floors with chevron patterns for an interesting texture or go bold and get marble flooring. ( heated marble flooring is undoubtedly a plus )

Antique brassy finish sidings or trims can add a bespoke bright luxe look that will hide all the drabby parts. Speaking of hiding, make a list of all your tech equipment that requires charging cables.

Consider going wireless as much as possible. However, in the case of a few wired equipment, try to disguise the tangly wires and sockets with inbuilt drawers or let the cables run under your rug.

Check this luxurious Baraka Desk from Brabbu for inspiration.

Selecting Lighting for Luxurious Home Office

Luxurious Home Office Decor

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the essential parts you need to factor in while setting up your home office. We suggest going for dramatic light fixtures that you would see in a restaurant or corporate space.

Desk lamps and task lights make the place warmer, while overhead lights give a standard glow throughout the entire room. You should also pay attention to the glare, as overhead lights are known to cause heavy glares.

The best home office has a sweet balance of overhead light and task lights along with ample natural daylight. If you have small windows, try to find big french windows that invite excellent natural light in the day.

Huge windows also make any place look instantly plush. However, if your room layout doesn’t give you the freedom of big windows, opt for a big square skylight.

Get lighting fixtures or tune them so you can dial the brightness according to your needs. A non-adjustable light can sometimes be too bright, causing eye strain, or a little too dull, which is also uneasy.

You should focus on two types of lights: ambient and task lights.

Ambient overhead lights are necessary to spread a dull or bright glow throughout your workspace. A few familiar sources of overhead lights include:

  • Track lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Torchiers
  • Wall sconces
  • Ceiling fixtures

On the other hand, task lights are always near you and give a concentrated light throw at a specific spot. A few familiar sources of task lights include:

  • Desk lamps
  • Vanity lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps

Check out this Supernova Chandelier by Boca Do Lobo for inspiration.

Luxurious Home Office Decor

Luxurious Home Office Decor

When it comes to luxury home decor, you need to pay attention to the detailing. It is of utmost importance to select well-made, well-shaped pieces, artifacts, and hardware that bind the entire place together.

Decorating your home office is like giving a few final touch-ups to a site. Without that touch-up, the whole area would feel barren while lacking personality.

We encourage remote workers to add a few decor pieces about their personal lives. An old picture or a child’s drawing can be an excellent way to include that in your workspace. You can frame the drawing in an elegant gold gilded glass frame or have it printed and upholstered on an ottoman for a unique feature piece of your own.

Door handles can also be an excellent way to showcase your personality and luxe home office theme. You can find precious gems or small showpieces that can double as door handles.

If you decide on an eclectic theme, find various decor pieces like brightly colored vases, clocks, bookends, and much more. Whatever style you choose, remind yourself to invest in a big or punchy art piece that stands and elevates the entire space.

Finally, don’t forget to add a plush and soft rug under your feet for maximum comfort. You can even make the carpet a statement piece or opt for going with a natural one that blends well with the rest of the workspace.

Check out this Stella Mirror by Koket for inspiration.

Luxury and Sustainability

Luxury and Sustainability

If you are planning on making such significant changes in your study, you might as well pay attention to the materials and from where they are sourced.

Curating your workspace with ethically sourced and sustainably harvested materials will surely give you all the necessary bragging rights while making you a responsible individual.

These days, many luxury constructions follow such guidelines for a greener and more sustainable project. It would be best to opt for VOC- free paints, cruelty-free upholstery fabrics, sustainably harvested wooden flooring, etc.

Best Color Combinations for Luxurious Home Office

Best Color Combinations for Luxurious Home Office

Deciding on the shade of your future home office has got to be the most fundamental decision. You cannot start shopping for drapes, desks, and decor without knowing the right shade to match with.

The color you pick may change your mood accordingly, so select a color that you gravitate to and the type of vibrations it throws. These wall colors significantly impact your mood and can cause a drastic impact on your work productivity.

Below we have selected five color options that you can never go wrong with. Additionally, these colors are the go-to hues for many luxury-based floor plans.

  • White/ Eggshell White: We cannot complete our list without including the color white. A crisp white or eggshell white may seem like a bland choice, but it throws a spectacular look when paired with punchy decor, lighting, and furniture. Moreover, white also opens up the space and bounces a lot of light around.
  • Deep Black/ Slate Black: A deep black may feel like a highly bold color choice, but it is bound to give a dramatic and regal look with a suitable furniture set. You are bound to feel powerful with incredibly rooted vibrations. Often gold accents and matte finish goes hand in hand with a black wall. That being said, be wary of the size of your home office. A dark color like black can make your space look smaller than it already is.
  • Granite Gray: Suppose you wish to find a middle ground between black and white, then a muted gray tone can be your choice of color. It is incredibly light but has a deep undertone for an understated look. With gray walls, you are free to experiment with a myriad of furniture colors and textures.
  • Navy Blue: Navy Blue is a very regal shade that can uplift your workspace instantly. A cool shade of blue relaxes your mind while keeping you focused throughout the day. The color feels serious, so you need to find the rest of the furniture and lighting that compliments the walls.
  • Deep Green/ Dark Olive: Deep green is often considered a color of calm, intellect, and peace. The color is bound to give mid-century modern elegance with a homely feel of English theme. Delicate accent pieces and muted shades of upholstery go very well with this shade.


With that, we conclude our comprehensive guide about luxury home offices. We hope our honest effort to introduce you to the topic was fruitful and that you have already started making a list of your own!



Anthony Laird is an interior designer and decorator with many years of experience. He is passionate about helping people make the most of their living space. Leveraging his many years of experience, Anthony Laird teaches people how to create the most inspiring interior spaces. With the increasing rate of home offices across the world, Anthony Laird now uses LichtenCraig to help more people design home offices that suit their personality and increase productivity.