How To Decorate A Bookshelf In Home Office

How To Decorate A Bookshelf In Home Office


January 29, 2022

Books are a way to travel the world without moving. They are gateways to knowledge and bring positivity.

In this age of technology, everyone may not possess physical copies of books, and most people prefer to read them digitally over their phones, tablets, or e-readers.

However, the appeal of the quintessential bookshelf is not lessened by the changing forms of books. In fact, bookshelves are not strictly meant for books.

They hold diverse possibilities of being fashioned in ways that can elevate the whole room’s aesthetic.

As the coronavirus pandemic has normalized work from home globally, people are designating distinguished spaces of their homes to set them up as home offices.

It helps them to feel more connected with their profession and reduces distraction. However, many people find it challenging to deduce ways of decorating their home office in a professional yet homely way.

Bookshelves are an elegant solution to such challenges as they are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture available. They are becoming a popular and significant part of home offices.

They can be used in multifarious ways and are not constricted by their name. One can decorate them to make a statement in any home office.

Role of a Bookshelf in a Home Office

Role of a Bookshelf in a Home Office

One may ask what the use of a bookshelf in a home office is. What if someone does not have enough books to buy a separate shelf? However, a bookshelf is not simply a shelf; it reflects one’s personality.

It should not be looked at as a piece of furniture; instead, one should consider them as an opportunity to change the aura of the home office through a creative outlook.

A shelf is essentially a wood construction, but what one keeps on it reflects their temperament and lifts the office’s mood.

A disorganized shelf can make a home office appear chaotic and unproductive, while an organized bookshelf gives a feeling of calm and alignment.

A bookshelf adds positivity to a home office. They reflect that the space is professional and efficiently organized. Bookshelves in a home office can also elevate the office’s overall look.

Nobody would like to work in a place that does not appeal to their visual sense and is boring. Such a workplace breeds negativity and monotony.

However, a bookshelf can break this monotony and give one’s home office a vibrant and enthusiastic look. One can use the home office bookshelf for keeping books, documents, or personal belongings.

There are several ways to display things on a bookshelf that can enhance the appearance of a workspace and make one feel motivated to work daily.

With proper use of a bookshelf, the home office can be filled with creative and positive energy.

Time is a much-coveted entity in modern life, and a home office bookshelf can help one save time by promoting organization and efficacy. Its storage value needs no introduction.

Bookshelves are one of the best ways to store one’s official or personal belongings without compromising the look of the space.

One can store unattractive items in a pretty bin and place them on the bookshelf, and this hides the unsuitable items and keeps them close for frequent usage.

One can take the bookshelf as their canvas and reflect their personality to feel more connected to their home office.

Reasons to Decorate a Bookshelf

Reasons to Decorate a Bookshelf

There are a myriad of reasons to decorate a bookshelf. When decorated properly, It can positively transform the look of the home office.

While working in the company workspace, people did not realize how their surrounding design and decor motivated them. They did not know that it could affect their mood and motivation.

These issues were not thought of in the pre-pandemic world because there was little reason for the employees to be concerned about their office decor.

Their lives had a work-life boundary. These boundaries have been broken in the pandemic, and one of the most daunting tasks that people have faced is separating their workspace from the rest of the house’s living space.

Having one’s place of comfort becomes a place of anxiety increases the stress of the pandemic.

Many people still find it challenging to adapt to the work-from-home lifestyle because they cannot separate their workspace from their living space.

Now the question arises as to how can one separate the two areas? The answer lies in personalization. Every home is an enclosure with four walls until it gets personalized.

People settle down, customize and decorate the house according to their needs. It makes them feel more in alignment with the place, and they feel comfortable, secure, and motivated in it.

Similarly, in a personalized workspace, one would feel more connected to their work, more motivated, and have reduced stress levels. Decorating a bookshelf is one such way of personalization.

Having a dedicated place to show off one’s art, trophies, precious belongings, books, or everyday items is a way of making the home office their own, and a bookshelf proves to be immensely helpful in doing that.

Tips for Decorating Home Office Bookshelf

Tips for Decorating Home Office Bookshelf

While deciding to personalize their home office, people often find it difficult to envision the exact plan.

How can one decorate a bookshelf to serve a functional need and become an indispensable and beautiful part of the home office? There are so many ways in which one can beautify their bookshelf.

Live indoor plants are a fantastic method of transforming the look of any place cost-effectively. Small plants like cacti, spider plants, or money plants can be potted in pretty ceramic and displayed on the shelves.

A bonsai can be the ultimate decorative item on one’s shelf. There are very few things as intriguing as a tree in a pot.

Decorating a bookshelf with live indoor plants beautifies the home office and fills it with fresh air and positive energy. The benefits of plants cannot be overstated as they are quite literally responsible for our lives.

One can keep most indoor plants alive with minimal maintenance. If one has several books, they can be categorized based on size, height, color, or genre and be displayed on the bookshelf.

There are various bookends available in the market that can enhance the beauty of the display by multifold.

One can display artwork that resonates with their personality and showcase it on their home office bookshelf. Scented candles would enhance the shelf’s decor, boost productivity and reduce anxiety by their pleasant fragrance.

One can use beautiful baskets or bins to store unattractive office style without compromising the aesthetic of the home office. Antique items can also add a sophisticated vibe to the bookshelf and give it a classy appearance.

Motivational art frames or quotation art frames are ideal for decorating a bookshelf. Not only do they complete the look in a sophisticated manner, but they also inspire people and nudge them towards creativity, imagination, and inventiveness.

What to Avoid

What to Avoid

One of the most important things to avoid while decorating a bookshelf is overcrowding. One must not place numerous items on the shelf just for decoration.

Doing so would make the shelf appear chaotic and haphazard instead of looking organized and professional. Only keep things that align with the aesthetic theme of the shelf and the office.

Moreover, one should always organize a shelf and place items categorically. For example, if books are displayed on a shelf, they should be categorized based on size, color, or genre.

If one is displaying plants on the shelves, then having similar pots for all of them and placing them symmetrically on the shelf would appear more organized than placing them randomly. Categorization is key.

Personalization should not be done without categorization; otherwise, the shelf would not reflect one’s aesthetic idea or personality and make the office look unprofessional and unsystematic. It may result in loss of focus and lack of motivation in day-to-day work.


Bookshelves have such an elegant and sophisticated appeal that the significant video call applications released a bookshelf background for people to use while conducting online work from home meetings.

The world may move on to the digital age and cease to possess paperbacks or hardcovers; however, the quintessential bookshelf’s elegance, culture, and refinement remain unchallenged.

They are such simple structures that hold a transformational capacity for every room, especially a home office.

Bookshelves may unconsciously cultivate reading habits in someone who possessed books but did not find a chance to read them.

For professionals who work in education, art, or design industries, having a bookshelf would be significant for home office purposes and the refinement of their personalities.

Many people measure the other person’s worth by looking at their bookshelf.

Therefore it is advisable to keep one’s bookshelf organized, decorated, and uncluttered to create a long-lasting impact on other people, especially high-rank professionals who may be responsible for one’s career growth.

In the online world, where physical interaction has become minimal, such symbolic activities are a few ways of connecting with other people without explicitly introducing oneself.

Decorating a home office bookshelf is a rewarding experience that results in an organized and optimized workplace, separating it from the living space of the rest of the house.

Small activities like these can help boost motivation, inspiration, and innovation even in the most demanding situations.



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