How To Clean Office Chair

How To Clean Office Chair


January 29, 2022

Most people working in a home office or using the company workspace use office chairs.

They are a valuable investment for the modern-day professional and allow extended work hours without compromising spine health or motivation.

Many students also prefer office chairs because of the ergonomic comfort they offer.

However, office chairs come with their own set of problems; one among them is that they tend to get dirty, and it may be challenging to clean them.

Most people have no idea how to clean them. Like every other piece of furniture, office chairs also need to be cleaned regularly, and any accidental spills need to be taken care of immediately.

Office chairs are very different from regular chairs, and they have more cushioning and more components that make them bulkier and difficult to maneuver.

Many office chairs are heavily cushioned and have fabric that attracts dust. Chairs that have mesh are even challenging to clean.

Any piece of furniture would lose its structural integrity if it is dirty or has clogged parts. When an item of furniture costs as much as office chairs do, it would be disappointing to see it lose shape.

However, there exists a solution to every problem. Despite the difficulties, office chairs can be cleaned using various techniques to ensure their longevity.

How Does an Office Chair Become Dirty?

How Does an Office Chair Become Dirty?

Most modern-day professional workplaces are located in cities. Most cities are bustling with activities like construction and renovation that make them a hub of dust.

They also lack significant green cover, making it easier for the dust to travel and settle over surfaces. Therefore, one of the primary reasons office chairs get dirty is dust.

Another reason office chairs can get messy is accidental spills of food or drink. With the rise of long working hours, home offices, and to-go meals, people choose to eat from their desks.

Many people conduct working lunches, many students who devote longer study hours also eat while they study. In workspaces, conferences include meals and drinks.

For every person clocking in to work with a Starbucks cup in their hands, an accidental spill might inevitably occur one day. Such spills make office chairs messy.

They can be challenging to clean, especially if the chair is made up of fabric.

The liquid can seep inside the material, and the stain may only worsen with rubbing. Many office chairs with swivel features, wheels, or adjustment levers may also face issues with these small parts.

Dirt, dust, and grease can build up over time, reducing the system’s efficacy. While office chairs made of mesh offer higher fabric breathability, they are also far more challenging to clean.

Counterintuitively, the more one tries to clean a mesh chair, the dirtier it gets. The dust gathers and hides in the mesh creating an unsanitary environment that may be harmful to people with respiratory issues like bronchitis, asthma, or related allergies.

If the chair is unclean for extended periods, it may become prone to damage and need to be replaced. Many office chairs use leather. By its nature, leather has pores that help to keep it moist.

Moisture and dirt may sink into the pores and damage the fabric if left unchecked. The leather may lose its elasticity and break open as the water evaporates. It may harden and crack.

How Often Should you Clean a Home Office Chair?

How Often Should you Clean a Home Office Chair?

The period of cleaning a home office chair depends on its usage and placement. It is essential to look for signs of dirt and frequently assess the chair’s condition.

A regular chair may not allow dust to deposit as fast as an office chair would. When office chairs are used in home offices, it becomes necessary to keep them squeaky clean because they are a part of the living space.

Dirty furniture reflects negativity and demotivates.

On the other hand, clean furniture enhances motivation, focus and boosts productivity. For an inspiring environment or home office, one must make sure to deep clean office chairs at least twice a year.

For deep cleaning, one can take the services of professional cleaning agencies, and professional service providers would be able to clean the chair from its depths.

However, such in-depth cleaning should be annual or bi-annual at the most. Keeping the office chair clean in day-to-day life is vital by wiping the dust off every day.

It is crucial for home office chairs as the accumulation of dust may impact the person using the chair and other family members.

Not only does this habit prevent the chair from being deep cleaned often, but it also elongates its life. The chair would last longer and become a worthy investment.

One should also make sure to check the technical parts of the chair often and sufficiently lubricate the levers and wheels at regular intervals. If not, the components may easily break and need replacement.

What to Use to Clean an Office Chair?

What to Use to Clean an Office Chair?

Office chairs used in company workspaces may need cleaning more often than those used in home offices because multiple people in an office may use the same chair.

The primary and the most easy-to-use instrument to clean a chair would be a vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner would quickly suck all the dust and debris off an office chair.

It is even more convenient for upholstered chairs that one cannot wipe with a damp cloth.

It can pull the dirt out of every groove and crevice, offering a healthier work environment that does not irritate the respiratory system.

In case of accidental spills, one can use paper towels to grab hold of any solid particles quickly. For liquid spills, dampen a cloth or a paper towel with water and place it over the spot to absorb the spilled liquid.

Most office chairs come with a dedicated care tag that explains the proper management techniques to keep a chair in its prime for long durations.

One may use liquid soap, rubbing alcohol, or dedicated liquid cleaners to maintain the chair. Dipping a clean cloth in the solution and cleaning the required space should be enough.

Leather chairs may be conditioned for optimum usage, and using a seat cover may protect the original fabric of office chairs for the longer run.

Before using any particular chemical or cleaners, one must always refer to this tag to ensure the proper technique and products.

If the tag does not give any clear directions, do a patch test before using any new cleaner on the entire surface of the chair.

Choose a small spot that does not catch the eye, and try the product over that area. If there is no immediate reaction and the site is unchanged after waiting for a couple of weeks, the product is safe to be used all over.

How to Clean a Home Office Chair?

How to Clean a Home Office Chair?

Cleaning a home office chair may seem daunting, but it is possible with the proper techniques and day-to-day management. Regular vacuuming can take care of dirt and debris accumulation.

One can take care of food and liquid spills by using a damp cloth or paper towel to clean the area. However, make sure to address a spill quickly and not rub the area excessively.

If delayed, the stain may set and make a mark forever, and if the site is rubbed excessively, the stain may spread further and embed itself into the upholstering.

It may not be an issue for a chair that does not have upholstery as its covering material.

One can flip the chair to clean the components at the bottom, and the wheels can be removed and cleaned separately with a damp cloth.

The casters encasing the wheel should also be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated for smooth functioning. The chair should be placed in an area that does not receive direct sunlight so that it does not fade or weaken.

Dedicated cleaning products for office chairs are available in the market and can be used for general upkeep after doing a patch test.

One can call a professional cleaning service provider annually for deep cleaning.


Cleanliness is next to godliness. A dirty and unmaintained space would fester not only negativity but also degrade the image of the workplace.

To maintain a space’s positivity, motivation, and reputation, one should clean it regularly. Office chairs may be challenging to take care of, but the task gets easier with day-to-day upkeep.

They are a worthy investment and can last a lifetime with proper care. However, there is only so much that one can look after.

If any component breaks or stops functioning smoothly, it should be replaced to avoid accidents and maintain workflow.

Regular and optimum cleaning will prevent office chairs from degrading prematurely. Any spills and stains should be taken care of immediately, while vacuuming can be done along with cleaning the house.

One should take note of the care tag carefully and adhere to its guidelines. The importance of a patch test should not be ignored, and it should always be conducted before using a new product.

One should not get intimidated by their bulk. Dedicating as few as ten minutes a day can elongate the chair’s life by months, ultimately saving money by reducing unnecessary replacement.



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