Home Office With Bookshelves

Home Office With Bookshelves


February 14, 2022

If you are planning on having or already have a home office, your mind must have buzzed with a million ideas about giving an ultimate look to your workspace.

You might have juggled between the thoughts of leaving your home office professional and keeping it cozy for the visitors. On taking the assistance of the internet, it must have puzzled you with a thousand and one ideas of decorating your home office on an aesthetic note.

So, what should one choose? Your business should not lose clients because your workplace looked ‘too casual’; you cannot let your customers feel cold as your office walls are ‘overtly professional.’

But the good news is, adding a couple of bookshelves in your home office will change the way you feel about your work. Your bookshelves will speak a lot about your taste and choices. Your decorative skill will offer the perfect hue for your work.

An intelligent decoration will show a perfect balance between your professional and personal space. Keep on reading to know how you can match your bookshelves with your table-top, the essentials of the display in your showcase, and a bit about bookshelf organization.

Importance of Bookshelves in Home Office

Importance of Bookshelves in Home Office

Undoubtedly, bookshelves are the quintessential item of every household. Here are the most important reasons why you need to add bookshelves in your home office:

Maximize space

The apparent fact, having a bookshelf increases the total utilized area of your home office setup. If you want to use 100% of your available space, get started with a pair of bookshelves.

As a bonus point, you will be getting a neater, more organized home office. It works as a visual treat for your eyes and visitors.

Creates a nice ambiance

Keeping your workspace clean and organized is the first step towards maintaining professionalism in your home office. We invest a lot of time to stack our loose receipts and sheets in order on our table-top.

And we all know the results. Save the trouble of shuffling through a mess of documents to get the right one and install a bookshelf. It will complement the look of your home office and create a balance between a professional and cozy approach.

More space to organize

We hoard many files, newspapers, and magazines for future reference, intentionally or unintentionally. And we are never sure where to trash them for the time being. A couple of bookshelves will help you with this task.

Organize your documents in a hierarchical order and see the magic! You can highlight the overall décor of your home setup with a tinge of a professional atmosphere.

In this era of work-from-home schedules, building a professional environment in your home will boost the working pattern. At the same time, the cozy, warm atmosphere will lighten the stress swirling from the monotonous routine.

How to Match Bookshelves With your Office Desk?

How to Match Bookshelves With your Office Desk?

When we are looking for a new couch or dinner table to add to our home, we keep in check several things- the color of the other furniture, the texture of that sofa set, the material of the coffee table, and the hue of curtains.

Then why be casual with your furniture when it comes to your home office? Indeed, we do not need our visitors and clients to think that bookshelf or office table is added to the whole set up and their function is mainly useful. Now, that will be a casual approach.

First and foremost, make sure that the texture of your office table is in sync with the new bookshelf you are adding to the complete set. It does not mean you will have to match their properties.

If the table-top of your home setup is made of glass, a minimalistic wooden bookshelf adds an aesthetic vibe, and it will be functional. Again, if the other furniture of your home office is of stainless steel, wooden dust bookshelves will complement its looks perfectly.

Matching colors is another viable option. You can go for the same shades of table-tops and background of the bookshelves. Both of these may, in turn, be similar to the curtains or shades.

Colors like mint green, cyan, powder blue, aquamarine, etc., create a positive and powerful environment in your home office. Also, adding color will help you identify different objects on the shelves and office table.

Avoid using brighter shades of colors as it will restrict your eyes from placing items on display from a distance. One can use similar bookends in the bookshelves and coasters on the table-tops, creating an impression of attention to detail.

How to Organize Bookshelves?

How to Organize Bookshelves?

We are in search of the answer to this ultimate question till eternity. How does my bookshelf always turn so messy? What? I just organized it yesterday. It cannot be this chaotic today! It’s time to do the task with planning.

Organize bookshelves according to your need

Make a hierarchical pattern for the items you will accommodate on your bookshelves. In the case of papers and files, make horizontal arrangements. Keep the least important and rarely used documents at the bottom of the series; the most frequently needed and essential bills on the top.

Now you need not pull the stack out every time. If you are organizing other items on the shelves, keep the less needed one at the back and the frequently needed items at the front.

Here you are attenuating the chances of knocking off your essentials while trying to get hold of the pen case at the back of the shelf. Organizing bookshelves in a practical manner will also save a lot of your time. And we cannot afford to lose precious work hours, can we?

Displaying books

Of course, books! That is what bookshelves are for. We can follow a neat, systematic pattern here as well. Align books according to descending heights and take the help of bookends.

Bookends will add a tinge of sophistication. You can use Terracotta, Dokra, earthen materials, and various other aesthetics for this purpose. It will highlight your taste and will be a clever personal touch. Apart from these, never stack your books haphazardly.

A psycho-thriller does not go by the side of a book on entrepreneurship. Sort your books according to different genres. Again, some books are not fit to be displayed for your home office.

Keeping those separate for your living room or personal study will be a wise choice. The books you have on the display talk a lot more about you. Let your visitors get that you know you work through the display of your favorite reads.

Floating shelves

Want to do something unique with your home office? Get started with floating stands along with your regular bookshelves. The floating shelves at the ends or top of your bookshelves will give an extra hand for all the additional items or the new set of Russian dolls your cousin got you last week.

Floating shelves made of bamboo textures or wooden shades add an aesthetic vibe to the home office. One can also go for indoor plants like money plants, cactus of different varieties, and succulents to display on such floating shelves.

Ensure the plants are of low maintenance and need a minimal water supply. We do not want accidents while visitors are having a good laugh at the pun you made.

Going for the classics

A classic black teak wood bookshelf will fit all kinds of interiors. It is the right choice if you like to keep it simple, puzzle-free, and yet classy. A couple of drawers at the bottom of the shelves can serve as a storehouse for all essential confidential documents.

The shelves may be decorated with some of the best reads of your choice, but make sure not to stash them in random order. You can put some unique showpieces onto the display.

Avoid keeping items that are hard to clean and tough to get rid of specks of dust. Glass showpieces and varnished items attract minor dust. And if you fancy something else, make sure to dust them. A home office should create an impression of professionalism.

What Else Can I Put on Bookshelves?

Books are essential for your home setup. To make it more appealing, consider adding the followings things to your bookshelf and lift your spirits on lazy Mondays and tired Fridays:



Well, nature’s best healer is on rescue. Your bookshelves may use a little green (or any colors) to revitalize the home office. You may use plants like succulents, different varieties of cactus, various indoor plants, and money plants to showcase on your bookshelves.

Try keeping these in the places where they will be easily accessible. Bone China pots are an excellent match for your plants and will complement the look of your home office.

Photo frames

Who doesn’t like to add a personal hint to the home office? A slight glance of your smiling kids and giggling spouse will relieve a lot of stress than we can assume. Let a small frame of love adorn your bookshelf and your table-top if you like.

Make sure you are not putting too many photographs. Remember, a pinch of personal life and not a whole spoonful. It will impart wrong ideas to your visitors and potential clients.


When we say paintings, we do not mean life-size portraits as found in the background of gangster business people in movies. Minimalistic and abstract paintings will add suaveness to your home setup.

Also, detailed paintings are not the best suited for the professional environment, and it is tough to capture all the details. Keeping it abstract and simple will broaden the imaginative power of your brain and soothe it at the same time. Minimalistic artforms are specially used for decorating home offices.



Think about adding baskets to your bookshelves if you have some free space. You can use them to store small items like paper clips, stapler pins, board pins, and other miniature stationaries essential for a home office.

Make sure the baskets you keep with the necessary stationeries are easily accessible.


Again, small and medium-sized boxes are the best fits to cover up the excess areas of your bookshelves. You can add decorative boxes to your bookshelves and office tables to store the essentials. It also helps you maintain mess-free, clean surroundings in your workspace.


Now, that’s the thing through which you position yourself to the clients. Awards and framed certificates are the best mediums to make people aware of your skill and expertise. Keep a dedicated shelf where you can display all your awards and accolades.

Never shy away from flaunting your achievements, and remember to place them on the very front row of your bookshelf. Let your prize speak of your hard work and commitment to the profession.


Setting up your home office can be an overwhelming task. One needs to keep a tab on the availability of essential items required during office work and something to cut on their boredom without distraction.

Well, here are some unique tips and tricks you can apply to your bookshelves to give them a whole new appearance. Besides stacking up your books, you can provide an aesthetic touch to your regular shelves.

Make a home for greens in your bookshelves and watch them drive away from the stress during a stressful email. Adding bookends and decorative boxes to consume the extra spaces may be a great idea.

The baskets and boxes may give you an extra hand for storing the essential stationery. Showcasing arts in your bookshelves gives your home set up a personal and unique touch.

Minimalistic artforms go great with home office with its minimum details and exotic hues. A well-stacked, intelligent display of a bookshelf will boost the working environment and be a mirror to your taste to your visitors. Be creative and artsy with your home office.



Anthony Laird is an interior designer and decorator with many years of experience. He is passionate about helping people make the most of their living space. Leveraging his many years of experience, Anthony Laird teaches people how to create the most inspiring interior spaces. With the increasing rate of home offices across the world, Anthony Laird now uses LichtenCraig to help more people design home offices that suit their personality and increase productivity.