Proper Home Office Lighting

Proper Home Office Lighting

Are you working from a home office? If yes, the character and quality of lighting in the workspace are essential things to consider. It is one of the main elements that increase productivity and focus.

Poor office lighting reduces energy, produces headaches and eyestrain, and lowers the mood. If you do not have the option of natural light, considering artificial lights is one of the imperative things.

Many offices set up recessed or overhead lights, and you can also view them to be set up in your house.

Poor lighting impacts your health and causes discomfort, leaving you drained out. So, read on to know more about how you can improve your productivity by making a few home office lighting changes.

Importance of Proper Lighting In Home Office

Importance of Proper Lighting In Home Office

Lighting In Home Office plays an influential role in reducing health risks and enhancing the safety and productivity of the employees.

It contributes to a comfortable and stimulating working environment. Here are some of the benefits of proper home office lighting.

You Can Adjust Home Office Lighting

People are generally used to non-adjustable lighting in the offices. However, you might have different needs when working from home.

Lighting that can be adjusted positively impacts the eyesight and energy level and promotes the employees’ well-being.

Helps In Saving Energy

A comfortable home office lighting is not essential just for the well-being, but also saves a lot of energy and expenses.

Investing in the right kind of lighting is imperative as various energy-saving technologies are available in the market to use at your home office setup.

For example, LED lamps are one of the top options you can consider. Apart from that, energy-saving lights are equipped with sensor technology and modern light management systems that help in saving electricity.

Some lights have a sensor that detects if a person is unavailable in the workspace and automatically turns it off. It is an energy-efficient way to create the perfect home working space for you.

Improves The Mood

Studies have shown that good lighting can enhance your mood. Health experts say that a dark home is not a good choice for eyesight and mood.

If you want to make your workspace calm and stress-free, you can choose ambient lighting.

Dim and low lighting creates a dull environment, whereas warm lighting will make your home office feel bright. If your house has numerous natural lighting, there is nothing better than this.

Makes You More Productive

Great lighting provides excellent vision and helps you make your work faster. Research also shows that lighting enhances productivity, and therefore, you must have better lighting to increase your productivity.

Reading lamps, desk lamps, and ceiling lights are examples of the best lighting options.

Natural Light Is The Best Light

Natural Light Is The Best Light

Different kinds of light are available, but nothing is better than natural light. It makes the home office simple and healthy.

Getting natural light for your home workspace is crucial to keep you productive. It is convenient, throws out negative ions, and helps with high-stress levels, anxiety, emotional disorders, and depression.

Color often makes a huge difference in the mood. Several lights come with fake plants, which give an aesthetic ambiance.

You can either choose a perfect desk lamp that will not flicker every time you turn it on. However, natural light is the best choice and also saves energy. It also helps to improve the sleeping pattern and makes the person healthier.

All of the points about the importance of home office lighting apply to natural light.

Especially, people who are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) suffer from a lack of motivation and enthusiasm during the season of shorter days.

Everyone more or less is impacted by the lack of natural light. On the other hand, natural light increases creativity and productivity.

Thus, it is always a great idea to include natural light while planning the aesthetic of your home office. 

Setting Up Home Office Lights

Setting Up Home Office Lights

Adequately lighting a home office is like a dressing element that needs layers to change the aura of the space.

When you consider working from home, it includes a range of activities such as talking on the phone, using a laptop, attending meetings, reading files, and more.

Excess work makes the person feel exhausted and tired most of the time. In that case, you can illuminate your office with warm and soothing light to make you feel more productive.

Other than that, setting up the lights and placing them in the right spots is one of the critical things to keep in mind.

To avoid shadows created by the lights, measure the proper distance and set it up. Here are some of the best lighting you can set up at your home office.

Overhead Lights

Overhead lights are also known as ceiling lights, which refer to any lights which are attached to the ceilings.

Different ceiling lights offer premium-quality lighting to the users and the fixed radius area below. It also concludes multiple colors, sizes, types, and styles.

Standard overhead lightings are pendants, chandeliers, track lights, semi-flush lights, recessed lights, and many more.

Due to its setup in a house produces a radian and illuminating glow, which are used for primary lighting purposes.

It can also be considered the best decorative option, apart from working lighting. In simple words, these lightings are known for creating an aesthetic environment.

You can also use it with multiple lighting options available for premium effects.

Task Light

Task lights are those lights that are installed in a particular area to make the work easier. It has become one of the high essentials in the hi-tech industry.

The task lights are made up of light-emitting diode bulbs, which are less harmful to the eye’s retina.

Like many other lights, task lights are highly adjustable and allow the users to stabilize them as per their preference.

Ambient Light

Ambient lighting is also called general lighting serves as the primary light source for a specific room.

In simple words, it is the basis of all the lighting of a room. It also helps in enhancing the sense of warmth by offering quality light in the room.

Ambient lights provide a comfortable level of illumination without glaring too much. There are multiple ambient lights available in the market of different sizes, types, styles, and colors.

However, when choosing the lighting location, you have to evaluate the area which is darker comparatively. It includes fireplaces, pathways, reading areas, seating areas, and more.

Steps to Set Up Lights

Steps to Set Up Lights

Follow these easy steps to understand and set up the lighting in your home office:

  1. Turn off the power source in your room to prevent the electrical circuits.
  2. If you replace the old one, remove the cover, shade the mounting plate, and detach all the connected wires. Remove the light bulbs and base from the used fixture.
  3. Check the stability of the current electrical boxes and a mounting bracket where you will attach the new fixture. You need to tighten the screws by using the screwdriver.
  4. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent any complications. However, wires have the same color that represents the connection. So, the red wire will be connected with the red wire and the black one with the black wire. So, use your wire stripper to connect the cables and protect the coating. For protection, you can wire the caps with electrical tape.
  5. Keep the bundle of electrical wires in a box.
  6. Now, you install the bulbs or lights you choose.
  7. The light position is one of the essential things to look after. Hence, adjust the length and installation of the lighting by measuring the position.
  8. Turn on the power, and ensure everything is working well.

Best Light Types For Home Offices

Proper lighting helps enhance concentration. A poor home office setup reduces productivity and even leads to multiple health complications such as headaches and eyestrain.

So, here are some of the best lighting options that you can consider for your home working space.

Adjustable Desk Lamp

Adjustable Desk Lamp

An adjustable desk lamp is one of the best options for work from home space. One of its greatest highlights is that it can be moved and adjusted to how you want.

You can move such lamps in any direction as per your flexibility. Other than that, many of them have convenient and accessible USB ports built into their base.

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount ceiling lights are perfect for those that hang close to the ceiling and attract minimal attention.

However, it lights up the large area, and it is highly recommended for a home with a low ceiling. It is available in both transitional, traditional, and contemporary styles.

You can choose from multiple materials such as plastic, copper, and glass. You can use such lights with LED bulbs, halogen logos, incandescent bulbs, and CFLs.

Inverted Pendant Lights

Inverted pendant lights are also known as up-lights, similar to semi-flush lights. These lights are generally installed in the living area, dining area, and kitchen area.

However, you can also install it in your home office, as it softens the harsh lighting and converts it into a comfortable space where you can work calmly.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lightings are one of the trending lighting options in our modern generation. You can set it up by installing decorative and attractive pendant lights above the desk.

Other than that, you can also install wall-mounted bracket lights to light up the major areas of the home office, and it will help in building concentration while working.

Cove Lights

Cove lights are the fancy ceiling lights, which brilliantly brighten up the room. These lights are generally soft and calm and balance the room’s tone.

You can install it in your study room for better productivity. Besides, it will also keep your eyes relaxed.

Natural Lights

What is better than natural lighting? If your home workspace area is surrounded by natural lighting, you are fortunate enough. Sunlight produces warmth that improves the working environment.

So, it is always best to consider natural lighting close to your work desk or next to the workspace to prevent computer glare, etc.

However, when the light is too bright, you can consider blinds for diffusing the sunlight coming directly on the screen.

Choosing Proper Home Office Lighting

Choosing Proper Home Office Lighting

It would be best to consider some of these significant aspects while selecting the proper lighting for your home office. Let’s have a look at them.

Evaluate Your Workspace

It is one of the initial things to do before purchasing or setting up the lighting. You have to see if the natural light is available in the particular area or how you can improve the existing arrangements.

You can also hire a professional to know the best options available for you.

Know The Type Of Lighting You Need

When it comes to office lighting, you have to know what type of light you want. There is direct lighting, indirect lighting, and shielded lighting.

However, the majority of the people apply a combination of different lighting to balance the environment. So, explore different types of lighting options before purchasing one.

Light Intensity

It is one of the essential things to consider while purchasing lights for your home office. If your desks are underlit, it can cause tired vision and exhaustion, leading to poor productivity.

When your desk is overlit, it can lead to discomfort and glare, leading to other health complications. Hence, it is widely essential to balance and choose the lights that serve the best.


Now that you know the importance of proper lighting and know different types of lighting to select from, it is time for you to bring good lighting to your home office.

Office working space is entirely different from home working space, and it is one of the reasons you need to set up a comfortable space where you can work with enhanced productivity.

Apart from that, multiple studies found that good lighting improves mood and happiness levels. So, it might be worth looking for you and creating an ambiance where you can work peacefully.

When you pick the proper lighting, it will help you be more productive while complementing your home interiors!


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