20 Home Office Gifts Ideas

20 Home Office Gifts Ideas


January 25, 2022

Recent years have seen a considerable hike in the percentage of people working from home.

While the work-from-home lifestyle allows people to enjoy a few benefits like lax dress codes, zero commutes, and a safe environment, there are numerous reasons why it can be challenging.

It is pretty arduous to wake up every day and finish the 9 to 5 tasks in the presence of noisy kids, overly chatty family members, and a lack of or nonexistent privacy.

If the above description fits someone you know, we highly recommend gifting them a few home office gifts to increase their productivity.

We are optimistic that these gifts will help them be productive, improve their work concentration, and help them arrange their work process in a much-streamlined manner.

Lastly, the products won’t feel like extra work to use; instead, they would add a bit of fun and excitement to their monotonous work schedule!

#1 Mug Warmer

#1 Mug Warmer

A gift for nit-picky beverage lovers!

We feel a mug warmer should be considered a genuinely essential product in all households.

Everyone loves gulping flashing hot beverages, be it energizing coffee or relaxing tea, but many of us dislike the lukewarm temperature of drinks after it sits out for a while.

A reliable mug warmer is ideal for keeping the drinks warm even when the climatic temperature is freezing. Now any work-from-home individuals can enjoy their favorite drinks pre and post meetings!

Our pick: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

#2 Weekly Planner

#2 Weekly Planner

A gift for people who love can’t help but stay disorganized.

There are two types of people – a) who love organizing b) who stay unorganized, and this gift is excellent for both.

Highly disorganized people can benefit from writing down their goals, to-do lists, and every big little reminder, while people who enjoy organizing cannot have enough planners!

This practical yet affordable gifting option is truly a lifesaver when one is on the verge of missing out on important dates and deadlines.

These paper planners are easy to fill and give you the physical satisfaction of crossing out the tasks that you have completed.

If you feel your work-from-home individual would love daily planners instead of weekly ones, we highly recommend this product.

Our pick: Weekly planner notepad

#3 Aromatherapy Candles

#3 Aromatherapy Candles

A gift for mortals with a heightened sense of smell!

Aromatherapy candles are undoubtedly the easiest way to incorporate peace in your workspace. With files and documents cluttering the deskspace, you need something to alleviate stress by making your mind completely calm and relaxed.

The calming ambiance of the burning candle is perfect when your work-from-home individual is burning the midnight oil. We can attest that even men will enjoy these aromatherapy candles that will help keep their nerves calm!

Our pick: Chesapeake Bay Candle

#4 Lap Desk

#4 Lap Desk

A gift for people who cannot get enough of their comfy couch!

Lap desks are small tables, perfect for working from your couch during the afternoon. These desk pads are designed to stay at a unique angle wherein people can type at the best speed without any wrist pain.

These lap desks also hold your phone with a dedicated space for the mouse. The desks come in a slew of textures, colors, and styles, so grab one that fits best for your giftee’s personality and make them a little more comfortable.

Our pick: LapGear Lap Desk

#5 Desk Plants

#5 Desk Plants

A gift for plant lovers and people who aren’t blessed with a green thumb!

Liven up and spruce the home office by adding a little greenery with these cactus plants. Cactus can be an excellent gift as it requires zero to no maintenance and care.

These cacti are also ideal for people who cannot keep their plants alive, no matter what. A cute planter along with these cacti can genuinely make any work-from-home person happy.

Our pick: Altman Plants

#6 Noise Cancelling Headphones

#6 Noise Cancelling Headphones

A gift for people with a boisterous home office!

One can change their working spot to avoid the noise, but it is seldom possible to eliminate random noises while working at home.

To tackle this, you can purchase a good quality noise-canceling headphone that can drown down all the random noise for productive working hours.

Additionally, a headphone with a good quality inbuilt mic can improve your video conferencing to the maximum. However, ensure that the headphones you buy are highly comfortable to wear for long hours at a stretch.

Our pick: Sony Wireless Headphones

#7 Anti-fatigue Mat

#7 Anti-fatigue Mat

A gift for individuals who enjoy standing desks!

If your giftee has a standing desk setup, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. This highly cushy anti-fatigue mat will keep the foot comfortable for long hours.

It will also help reduce the unwanted stress buildup at the calves and the balls of the foot by inducing an overall comfortable experience.

Additionally, the grip ensures that it won’t slip or slide even after moving the feet or applying pressure. Give all-day comfort to your loved one with this memory foam anti-fatigue mat.

Our pick: ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Mat

#8 Smart Water Bottle

#8 Smart Water Bottle

A gift for often dehydrated colleagues, friends, and family members!

We all know someone who avoids drinking water on purpose or unknowingly. If you plan to buy a gift for such a person, you have hit the right product. A hydrated body is a well-functioning body.

To keep one’s body adequately hydrated and moisturized, one needs to consume ample water. These smart-water bottles glow in multiple preset colors to remind someone to drink water throughout the day.

Additionally, by syncing via Bluetooth, one can keep an accurate track of their water intake with ease.

Our pick: HidrateSpark STEEL

#9 Video Conferencing Ring Light

#9 Video Conferencing Ring Light

An ideal gift for folks with countless video conferences throughout the day!

A ring light is an effortless yet effective device to instantly increase your video conferencing quality. Its soft glow and height are easily adjustable, while the product is genuinely low-maintenance.

If you know someone who is always stuck on long video conferencing calls, then go ahead and consider gifting them a confidence boost with this lightweight product.

Our pick: 10” Ring Light

#10 Blue Light Glasses

#10 Blue Light Glasses

A gift for individuals to protect their 20/20 vision!

We cannot stress the importance of owning a pair of blue-ray blocking glasses. Everyone knows that working in front of computer screens for long hours can give copious stress to the eyes.

Since work-from-home has automatically increased work hours, a tiny fresh-air break cannot alleviate the pressure on the eyes. A sturdy pair of blue light glasses are perfect for keeping the vision safe and eyes fatigue-free during such instances.

Lastly, as these glasses are available in numerous shapes and sizes, they look equally flattering for all genders alike!

Our pick: TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

#11 Smart Reusable Notebooks

#11 Smart Reusable Notebooks

A gift for a techie who enjoys intelligent appliances and products!

Smart notebooks are ideal for people who are tech enthusiasts and for folks advocating sustainability. These books are manufactured to reduce paper wastage by making digital notes.

One can quickly fill, draw, write or scribble their notes on the plastic pages, later click a picture and save on the cloud and finally erase it for new plans and agendas.

These books are undoubtedly perfect for a minimal and clutter-free desk setup.

Our pick: Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

#12 Desk Mist Humidifier

#12 Desk Mist Humidifier

A gift for someone who lives in dry geographic areas or has sinus issues!

A desk mist humidifier can truly add life and much-needed soothing humidity to an arid work office. Portable mini humidifiers emit a calming cool mist by keeping stuffy and dry noses at bay.

The powerful steam also maintains a perfect balance of the humidity level to provide temporary relief for cough, dry throat, and congestion. You can set the dial for intensity and enjoy this product every season.

Make the work-from-home office a little better and highly breathable with a mini desk mist humidifier.

Our pick: Pure Enrichment PureSpa

#13 Seat Cushion

#13 Seat Cushion

A gift for people who are often seen glued to their chairs!

A thick and ergonomically designed seat cushion is genuinely an essential item that every work-from-home individual should possess.

If your giftee often complains about their lower back, hip, or joint pain, then buying this product is a no-brainer. The cushy foam keeps their back arched without putting a lot of pressure on their coccyx bone, thus keeping their back pain-free throughout the day.

Our pick: WAOAW Seat Cushion

#14 Exercise Ball With Chair Base

#14 Exercise Ball With Chair Base

A gift for individuals who are fitness enthusiasts or have a weak concentration!

This quirky little unit replicates a chair with additional features and benefits. If you know a work-from-home worker that has weaker concentration levels, we highly recommend this product to them.

The constant bounce and movement keep the body stimulated and increase the concentration level to the max.

Additionally, this particular product is excellent for people who get lulled by sitting in the same position for hours. It also helps add a boost of exercise, further strengthening the core.

Our pick: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

#15 Motivational Box Signs

#15 Motivational Box Signs

A gift for people who enjoy visual self-motivation articles!

Walls can only accommodate a certain number of motivational posters, especially if the office desk is a part of a functioning living room.

Thus, a motivational box sign is a perfect gift idea to keep their motivation and energy at an all-time high.

The free-standing nature allows it to stand on the desk without any support, while the wording adds a jolt of inspiration every time a person glances at it.

This particular product is exceptional for a dog lover who owns a mollycoddled pet.

Our pick: Primitives by Kathy

#16 Smart Desk Lamp

#16 Smart Desk Lamp

An intelligent and stylish product for night owls!

Who doesn’t enjoy ambient light while working late at night to complete deadlines? An intelligent desk lamp can be an ideal gift if someone you know spends many hours working at night.

Furthermore, such lights also add an aesthetically pleasing design element to their work desk.

Our pick: Heng Balance Lamp

#17 Caffeine Laced Pills

#17 Caffeine Laced Pills

A gift for people who are always hungover!

Caffeine-laced pills can be an excellent option if someone needs a sudden boost of energy every once in a while. These pills deliver a surge of caffeine to help jumpstart the day with a jolt of energy.

The pills also provide increased endurance, alertness, and quicker reaction time. Lastly, we suggest using these pills occasionally as regular use can be habit-forming.

Our pick: Natrol High Caffeine Tablets

#18 Standing Desk

#18 Standing Desk

A gift for people who wish to try a new setup!

Your work-from-home friend would appreciate this thoughtful gift that allows them to stand on their feet for a versatile work setup.

Standing desks increase productivity while allowing people to complete their daily footsteps goal. These standing desks come in a myriad of designs, finishes, and styles suitable for people of all ages and professions.

If you wish to push your friend’s sedentary lifestyle, a standing desk seems like the most appropriate gift.

Our pick: FLEXISPOT Standing Desk

#19 Desk Vacuum Cleaner

#19 Desk Vacuum Cleaner

An ideal gift for snack lovers and cleanliness enthusiasts

A portable desk vacuum cleaner is something one never buys for themselves but weirdly enough, the product is relatively practical for day-to-day use.

This vacuum cleaner sucks up all the snack crumbs, dirt, and dust particles with ultra ease.

The product is easy to maintain and provides multiple uses for keeping any home office clean and crumb-free.

Our pick: FineInno Mini Crumb Vacuum

#20 Memory Foam Foot Rest

#20 Memory Foam Foot Rest

A gift for sock lovers and people suffering from foot pain!

A thick and well-designed footrest can make unbelievable changes in your posture and combat all foot pain issues.

These memory foam ergonomic footrests provide unmatched comfort during the day while keeping your legs warm and strain-free.

If your work-from-home giftee has a typical table-chair setup, we highly recommend this product for a day full of minimum pain and maximum productivity.

Our pick: ComfiLife Foot Rest


That brings us to the very end of our list of 20 best work office gifts that are worth gifting! But wait, we have one more option for a hardcore animal lover- a cute office pet.

A cat or dog can be an excellent gift that distracts them at timely intervals while keeping their spirits up. Additionally, they can be perfect video conference openers! However, be advised because the gift requires commitment from the giftee’s side.

If you aren’t sure about an office pet, consider our list of productive and functional products that are equally fun and constructive.


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