Home Office Background

Home Office Background


January 30, 2022

During the coronavirus pandemic, most working professionals transitioned to a work-from-home set up to conduct their business.

While this setup has been instrumental in restoring work-life balance, many people face problems making their home office look more professional, like a company workspace.

A sophisticated and designer home office has become a necessity today. With the important meetings being conducted on zoom from home, it becomes crucial to have an elegant presence in front of the camera.

It is vital to go above and beyond, cast a striking impression upon seniors, and be recognized as motivated, positive, and hardworking individuals.

Most people focus on their physical appearance but forget to beautify their home office background. It reflects poorly on their presentation and suggests that their workspace is not designed to be motivating and positive.

To prevent one’s superiors from thinking in this manner, it is important to learn the basics of preparing a home office background. It is appreciated by colleagues and boosts productivity, efficacy, and creativity.

A meticulously designed background helps to let one’s creative juices flow.

Working from home can also be isolating since the camaraderie of colleagues is not available, which makes it all the more important to design the home office in ways that boost positivity, happiness, and productivity.

Impact of Colors on the Human Psyche

Impact of Colors on the Human Psyche

Colors can dramatically impact the human psyche and alter mood and performance levels.

The possibilities of color psychology are thoroughly exploited by brands that design their logo to send the desired signals to the consumers.

Similarly, one can use color psychology in their home office to send the desired signal to their employer, superiors, or juniors.

Choosing the right color for the home office background is vital to improve output and impress others. Lighter colors relax the mind while darker colors weigh on it.

Lighter colors allow the light to bounce off and indirectly illuminate the whole room, resulting in higher alertness, productivity, and attention.

The color of the home office background is relevant because it would represent one’s personality.

Colors can symbolize a crucial facet of one’s personality and should be decided upon deliberation. Different colors carry different energies and highlight different parts of the character.

Every primary color also consists of a range of hues, each having distinct characteristics. Colors are a part of personalization that displays the personalities of the homeowner.

Color choice can also change the size and appearance of a home office. Neutral colors like brown lie in the middle of the spectrum and tend to be calming.

Earth tones can be very soothing and grounding for the human mind. Warm tones like red or orange are energetic, symbolizing passion or power.

However, shades of red tend to have reduced energy and passion. Yellow is the color of the sunshine and is widely known as a happy color or a color that begets life.

Pink is also a happy color, but it is calmer than yellow and stimulates positivity and love. The color of nature, green, increases focus and relieves stress and is considered ideal for students.

The color blue is widely known to induce calm and peace in the perceiver’s mind and reduce anxiety. It can lower blood pressure and relax respiration.

Grey and white are timeless classics that are versatile and can be used for most rooms in the home, especially a home office.

While many people consider gray a bland and uninspiring color, it is a muted color that can alleviate anxiety and induce creativity. White is also known for its creative power.

It symbolizes purity and is a universal indicator of peace. Like the color blue, it can calm the mind and relax bodily processes. It can also give the illusion of a bigger room than it actually is.

Best Colors to Boost Productivity

Best Colors to Boost Productivity

Productivity is intrinsically related to color perception. What one’s eye perceives is translated into brain signals which can alter emotions, bodily functions, and psyche, thus affecting productivity.

Since lighter colors promote alertness and illuminate the light, it is essential to choose a lighter shade. The darker shades can create an accent and complement the lighter tones.

Blue is one of the first choices for a home office as it can dramatically enhance productivity because of its calming nature. It sends peace signals to the mind and allows it to reduce anxiety and stress.

Blue is the color of the sky which symbolizes the unending zenith of potential, and it is also the color of the ocean that symbolizes infinite strength, resilience, and life.

Blue is stimulating enough to garb monotony and calm enough to not be a distraction.

Similarly, white is an optimum choice for home offices as its anxiety alleviating nature can enhance productivity. White is the most reflective of all the colors; therefore, even a weak light source would give enough ambient light.

The results with a powerful light source can be exhilarating. Because of its ability to maximize the reflection of light, it eases the eye and alerts the brain. It increases focus and attention to detail.

Moreover, a blank canvas is what stimulates creativity. Green is an underrated color that does get its due importance, and eggshell white has explicitly been noted for its versatility for a home office.

Green is one of the most balanced colors available, and in the right hue, it can flourish productivity like foliage in a tropical rainforest.

Moreover, it is gender-neutral and apt for professionals whose job is to think out of the box. Gray is considered a melancholy color, but it can be the best choice for people who need to maximize their focus and attention.

Best Background Colors for Zoom Calls

Best Background Colors for Zoom Calls

In the era of work from home, it is crucial to present one’s best self at digital conferences and create a lasting impact.

It is already established that the symbolic and associative value of a person’s surroundings is vital to reflect their personality.

Therefore, the home office background color must be thoroughly considered. One should choose a color that thoroughly illuminates the room.

One would not be able to create a lasting impression in a conference if it appeared that they were networking from a dungeon.

Therefore, an optimum level of reflective quality is necessary for home office background. To get this effect, one can choose lighter colors like blue, green, pink, or gray.

It is advisable to stay up to date on interior designing trends and use trending colors. Muted shades are in vogue currently and look suave and sophisticated.

A background color with warm tones will soften the appearance while providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Colors like powder blue, lavender, lemon yellow, peach, and lime green exude positivity and energy.

They indicate calm and peace and make most human skin tones appear great on camera. Besides choosing the right background color, it is also essential to have optimum light in the room.

Without proper lighting, no color would be able to perform appropriately.

Should I Decorate my Home Office Background?

Should I Decorate my Home Office Background?

Decorating a home office background can work wonders for zoom conferences or personal usage. It can make one feel more attached to the place, enhancing motivation and inspiration.

It also conveys positivity to the onlooker and helps one propagate a wholesome image. However, one factor to consider before decorating is that decoration does not mean overcrowding.

One must not fill their background with useless and banal objects for the sake of decoration. Decoration, in its essence, is organization because clutter looks repulsive and cannot be called decoration.

Therefore, one must organize their ideas and plan their decor. A clutter-free background will increase efficiency and productivity for the person working in the room and the people observing them via the video conference.

One of the best decorative items one can use while being organized is a shelf. They are the epitome of elegance and can instantly elevate the look of the home office. Books, aesthetic statues, or elegant paintings can be used to decorate the background.

A symmetrical alignment of multiple pictures is a chic and urbane look. Color blocking is a technique that can be exploited to stand out while blending in.

It is eye-catching but not distracting, which is the line to tow while decorating a home office. One may also use wallpaper if they do not want to invest in furniture.


Bouts of motivation and inspiration strike everyone, even during the harshest times. The tricky part lies in sustaining these feelings for a longer time.

One can make simple changes to their lifestyle to consistently induce motivation and inspiration. Choosing the right colors and decorating one’s home office can be one such small change that can make a huge impact.

It can help one maintain a consistent inflow of motivation and productivity. A personalized home office background is a reflection of one’s personality.

It is essential to stay ahead of everyone in this highly competitive world. One should work smart besides working hard.

A combination of both these strategies can help one succeed in their profession and build a reputation that transcends their physical presence.

Therefore, it is essential to diligently think about one’s home office appearance and strive to improve it by choosing the right colors and decorating it appropriately.



Anthony Laird is an interior designer and decorator with many years of experience. He is passionate about helping people make the most of their living space. Leveraging his many years of experience, Anthony Laird teaches people how to create the most inspiring interior spaces. With the increasing rate of home offices across the world, Anthony Laird now uses LichtenCraig to help more people design home offices that suit their personality and increase productivity.