Garage Home Office

Garage Home Office


February 22, 2022

As home offices are becoming a necessity worldwide, a dedicated home office space is what many are looking for. The possibilities are diverse and depend heavily on your own home and its overall floor plan.

From forgotten attics and basements to the corners of your bedroom, you can turn anything into an intelligent workspace. But, for those who want to build their home office away from the main living area, the garage can be a smart option.

Can you Make a Home Office Inside your Garage?

Yes! You can convert your garage into a home office. But as always, all ideas come with some pros and cons.



Fewer Distractions

Before you start remodeling your garage to include your dream office, you should already know that the garage offers far fewer distractions than an indoor office.

There is less temptation to waste time in the kitchen, like a TV that seems to be on all the time, and even a cozy sofa or bed is very attractive for a quick nap.

For those who need to concentrate, a typical home office can be distracting, with noisy kids running around the house, pets making noise, wanting to play. But it is not the case with a remote home office in your garage away from the living space where all the activities happen.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently you can work.

A space dedicated just for work

Some people need a dedicated workspace, and separating the home office from others may not be enough. The garage acts as a unique structure and gives you an environment away from the main building.

You’ll find a space in the refurbished garage office where you can work efficiently. It’s as if you’re in the office, not at home, but it’s not without the comfortable, relaxed and cozy atmosphere of home.

Save up in your living space

It always seems like your house isn’t big enough. You can set up an office in one of the rooms in the house. But home offices need space, and sometimes you might feel the valuable space that the home office is taking over could have been used for other purposes.

As the amount of time you spend at home increases, you want to collect more furniture or add more features to your home, but sometimes you find yourself stuck between need and desire.

If you have a great garage that needs a little hard work to accommodate your office, consider how much space this conversion can free up in your house. You can now build a productive workspace in a furnished, livable garage without sacrificing space.

Most importantly, it keeps your work and personal life separate, vital for a professional outlook and healthy family life.

Easily accomplished

Renovating your garage isn’t a challenging project; all you need is some carpeting, a fresh paint job, and some drywall to give it that finished look.

In most cases, depending on which part of your garage you want to remodel, you can go ahead with the project yourself. Moreover, a contractor can help you renovate a large garage.

If you consider a loft-style for your garage home office, hiring a contractor will help you complete the conversion into any regulations or ordinances your city may have for your new building.

Make it your dream space

Sometimes we feel that we need to decorate our home by norms while maintaining a delicate balance of sophistication and comfort, making every room equally attractive.

On the other hand, the office must reflect your creativity and individuality, and these don’t always go with the design of the rest of the house.

A private office in the garage is a great way to create a fun design that encourages good work and a positive attitude.

So grab a college poster and use it to turn your converted garage into a home office because anything is possible in this space where you can establish your identity as per your dreams.



Giving up storage space

Many people use garages for storage. But a good old sort can usually free up a lot of space. A sturdy, secure warehouse can be a great alternative to garage storage if you have space in your building.

Moreover, you’ll need another place to park your car, as well as another place to store your lawnmower, gardening tools, bicycles, and things you don’t usually leave at home.

Your home might be harder to sell

Whether remodeling your garage is a good idea or not depends on what your plans are for the future. Are you planning to stay at this home for a long time or thinking of selling it soon?

If you don’t plan on moving shortly, turning your garage into a more livable space should be considered. However, if you want to sell your home and move in the next few years, you can skip this project.

A permanently renovated garage can be a huge hurdle for many people interested in your home. Most buyers look for a home with a garage because they need space to park their cars and store their belongings.

It might be a bit of a burden on your wallet

It is doubtful that you will adequately retrofit your garage quickly and inexpensively. A well-done job can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete.

You’ll have to do things like add insulation, make sure your garage is heated, adjust the electrical system to handle the additional demand, and add windows and doors that fold quickly, to name a few.

Planning permissions

Getting a building permit is always a bit of a hassle and can be a headache if your neighbors object to it. It is vital if you plan to change the look of your garage and always worth considering.

Cost of Remodeling Garage as A Home Office

Cost of Remodeling Garage as A Home Office

A garage conversion can add up to 20% to the value of your home and can provide valuable additional living space that is less affected by the complexity of your plan. So, it is cost-effective to add space if the project cost is less than the extra cost added to the property.

Also, if you have a double garage, one trendy garage conversion idea is to convert only half of your space; this means you get a workspace and continue to use the parking space.

If the garage is attached to the main house rather than a one-piece part and requires structural repair, demolishing and replacing may be more cost-effective. Over $17,000 for a single-story extension is an economical way to free up more space.

It is costly to remove the garage door, and it costs about $5,000 or more for a blank wall and about $7,500 for additional windows and doors. The average cost of remodeling a garage is $6,000-$19,000.

The total cost depends on the size of the garage, the type of space being built, and the amount of professional contract support required.

One of the most important aspects of a garage renovation is adding a heating or cooling element to comfort the space. In warmer areas, garages can quickly become stuffy, and in the cold regions of winter, it can feel like a refrigerator.

Insulate your garage and consider installing heating and air conditioning. To save money, take a budget approach with a wall-mounted mini divider that you can use when you need it.

A mini splitter is also a good idea if you think your garage door will open on a nice day. If you’re going to add heating to your workspace, consider an additional amount of 150$ per day.

Remodeling Process

Remodeling Process

Step 1: Cleaning

There is a heavy chance that you have been using your garage as an extra storage space, and by now, it has been filled up with items that you have either forgotten to throw away or just forgotten about since you moved in.

The first step to converting your garage into a garage home office is to declutter and remove all the stuff that isn’t necessary. First, take everything out of the garage.

Then recycle what you’re willing to throw away or reorganize what you’re supposed to throw away. You can store additional equipment in an attic, warehouse, or other storage space.

Step 2: Painting

Start fresh by giving your space a new coat of paint. A new coat of paint can brighten dull and stained walls. Instead of hiring an expert, take a weekend off and give yourself a new color. When choosing a shade, choose a lighter color.

If you make video calls regularly, it will be easier for others to see you if you use a clean white background or choose a fun color that motivates you. Or you can channel your inner artist and create a mural.

Step 3: Furnishing

Turning your garage into an office is impossible without the right furniture. When looking for a table or chair, visit Facebook Marketplace or search for an app like OfferUp.

The perfect sofa or bookshelf might be at your local thrift store or garage sale. Set your budget and wait until you find supplies that fit your style and price point.

While you may find it easy to go the cheap route (used furniture or rental items), remember the time you will spend there. Moreover, suitable furniture will make you more productive. Make sure you have a comfortable office chair, a functional desk, and plenty of storage space.

Here, you may want to avoid strictly modern or contemporary styles, which are the best combinations of industrial, farmhouse, or rustic styles with contemporary finishes.

Start with tables, chairs, and shelves for your entire office. Neutral color schemes also eliminate visual clutter, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere in the office.

Step 4: Lighting

Since most garages have no windows or small openings, the interior is often dark and dirty. If you can increase your budget, consider installing larger windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors leading to the garden fill your workspace with natural light and can completely transform a room.

Glass Blocks and Skylights are other options you might want to consider. Add overhead lights, table lamps, floor lamps. You might want to consider using wall sconces and floor lamps to brighten the space.

Choose warm-toned light bulbs to give your new home office a cozy feeling. Add a desk lamp or hanging lamp over the garage office for more light. Then decide if white or yellow lighting is better for your needs.

Step 5: Setting up office gear

Now is the time to organize your gear: a computer, phone, printer, and everything you need for business hours. And make sure you have a reliable and fast connection in your garage because you don’t think you can go a day without good internet access.

You can also set up a Wi-Fi extender to improve poor internet connection.

Step 6: Personalization

Personalizing your garage home office is the last and the easiest step you have to take to complete your garage makeover. You can do this in infinite ways, from adding your daily photos to adding your favorite patchwork quilt on the couch.

Personalizing will make your home office feel less like an office and more like home, where you will be considerably more productive.


Renovation projects can be overwhelming, but, in this case, half the work is done if you already have a nice garage. You can use a garage only for a few things, but with a home office, you’ll be delighted that it’s a step towards creating a cozy, multifunctional space.

While a garage home office might be a bit heavy on your wallet, it is an excellent addition if you’re looking to save some extra living space and want a dedicated office space where you can work without distractions.

By following the steps above, you can guarantee a fun office space where working won’t seem like a task.



Anthony Laird is an interior designer and decorator with many years of experience. He is passionate about helping people make the most of their living space. Leveraging his many years of experience, Anthony Laird teaches people how to create the most inspiring interior spaces. With the increasing rate of home offices across the world, Anthony Laird now uses LichtenCraig to help more people design home offices that suit their personality and increase productivity.