Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair

Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair


January 29, 2022

Whether upgrading your office or looking for a new look to your gaming setup, the chair you select for the place will define your space.

Choosing the proper chair will highly reflect the setting of your room and even your personality.

If you are working from home or hunching down for those long gaming sessions with your pals, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the seat, and selecting the right one can also avoid long-term back and neck problems. It is an essential piece of furniture that many avoid putting less thought into.

Are you stumbling to work out whether to buy a gaming chair or office chair? Here we are going to compare all aspects of these chairs.

Read on to get a detailed understanding of gaming chairs and office chairs to make sure you make the correct choice for yourself.

We have presented a detailed guide for you to understand the pros and cons of each type of chair. Keep reading to find out more!

What is a Gaming Chair?

What is a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is designed for gamers’ comfort as they play for long periods. They differ from most office chairs as they have a high backrest intended to support the upper back and shoulders.

They are also more customizable as the armrests, back, lumbar support, and headrest can all be adjusted for comfort and competence.

You might have a home gaming setup, but that does not make you an expert on a gaming chair. We are at your rescue.

In general, when it comes to gaming chairs vs. office chairs, the office chair is sufficiently suited for productivity, concentrating more on rigid ergonomic support than comfort.

It’s important to know that gaming chairs are also designed for ergonomic and lumbar support.

Yet, they prioritize convenience, which is expected of a product designed to enhance fun and recreation for extensive hours.

Gaming chairs are ergonomic chairs meant for long hours of playing video games. PC and racing, rocker, and floor are three different gaming chairs. Additionally, gaming chairs are usually built more prominent than office chairs.

While that might not be feasible if you’re working in a cramped space or want your desk to become invisible into the background when not in use, these chairs do serve a broader range of body sizes and shapes.

Picking out a chair with the correct dimensions is always recommended for the best ergonomics and support.

Gaming chairs are built with extreme personalizations. In most cases, you can detach the lumbar and headrest support pillows and adjust according to your height, providing relief for lower back pain during long sitting periods.

Several studies have found that a lower lumbar cushion promotes good posture and comfort. It’s well worth investing here.

Originally developed and designed to emulate the lip of a racing car seat, gaming chairs can often lower the pad’s back and raise the seat’s front for a feeling of being in a bucket, literally. It means that it’s challenging to sit with your knees at the recommended 90° angle.


  • The high winged back gives more support to your back
  • Bucket seat to relax the legs
  • Raised seat edges for added comfort
  • Designed for recreation
  • Reduces body tension
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 3D armrests at the sides
  • Up to 180° recline at the back for extra relaxation
  • Colorful design and accessories


  • Bucket seat design is not functional for everyone
  • Side bolsters can get uncomfortable with use overtime
  • Narrow dimension
  • Low weight capacities
  • Paying for looks
  • Less lumbar support to the back and spine

What is an Office Chair?

What is an Office Chair?

Officer chairs refer to classy and ergonomic chairs that are more suitable for comfort and looks. The term ergonomic refers to being adjustable.

Ergonomic office chairs can make work easier, producing better results in shorter time frames. These office chairs are more suited for a professional setting as they are less fancy and fit in small spaces.

These chairs’ ergonomic designs account for easy accessibility, like reaching into a deep drawer by letting you flip up the armrests.

Office chairs also allow you to quickly grab things like binders or books from the shelf behind you. You can also rotate your chair to turn around instead of standing up with the easy swivel function.

Your office chair can speak a lot about your personality as well. It can tell your office visitors that you’re professional, care about your health, prefer the simple and minimalist design, and pay attention to the small details.


  • Shorter back for added comfort
  • Flat seat for cushion
  • Designed for productivity
  • Wingless and open design
  • Provides a professional image
  • Fixed, built-in lumbar support
  • 1D armrests
  • Up to approx 110° recline
  • Swivel design
  • It lasts longer than a gaming chair


  • Fewer adjustable parts
  • Less focused on comfort, more focus on support
  • Can cause migraines as forward head posture increases stress on upper neck muscles.
  • Regular fatigue: a misaligned spine clouts muscles to work harder against gravity.



An office and gaming setup often have certain similarities and just a few key differences, like the amount of desk surface space for your appliances or storage, including drawers, cabinets, and shelves for your accessories.

It can be challenging to decide, especially if you aren’t sure about the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair.


Structurally speaking, gaming chairs and office chairs share many fundamental similarities.

Both typically have casters, swiveling and flexible bases, armrests, the padding and cushion on the seat, back, armrests, and various adjustable settings that you can modify according to your comfort.


Visually, the differences between a game chair and an office chair are a bit more striking. While office chairs tend to be clean and straightforward, gaming chair designs emphasize appearance and style.

As they are inspired by the design of luxury sports car seats, many gaming chairs are very flashy, with bright accent colors like red or yellow, embroidered symbols, or game character-oriented covers.

Gaming chairs have considerably high backs, while office chairs are more low profile and minimalistic.

Ultra-cool gaming chairs are in demand now with the rise in video game streaming online popularity, so it’s common to see zealous gamers sitting in flashier chairs as they stream their victories.

Distinguishing the difference in comfort between the two chairs is a little more complicated.

Ergonomically designed gaming chairs generally have various features that maximize your convenience, including reclining, lumbar support, adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, and footrests.

Ergonomically designed office chairs have essentially the same reclining, lumbar support, adjustable seat height, and adjustable arms.

Gaming chairs have a range of features specific to video gaming, such as steering wheel mounts, headphone outputs and jacks, built-in speakers, wifi, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Several office chairs and gaming chairs are priced in the same manner.

However, the highest-quality and customized office chairs are typically far more expensive than the highest-quality gaming chairs available.

Which One is Better For You?

When you buy a chair, your personal preferences matter most when deciding what to use at your desk as they’re similar in terms of their comfort and features; there’s no clear ergonomic or affordable champion.

Suppose you’re a gamer interested in streaming or taking advantage of built-in audio features. In that case, you can select a flashy-colored, racer-style gaming chair with built-in speakers and Bluetooth compatibility.

A flashy gaming chair might not be appropriate for a business setup if you’re a professional who partakes in video calls or hosts clients from home.

You will need to filter and select your chair search by the features you want most to find the perfect chair for you.

However, if you want to place your chair in a more professional setting, the aesthetic and dimensions of a gaming model might not suit you.

Office chairs have a much more minimal and neutral design language that will blend into your space a lot easier than the bright and glowing colors that have bold angles of their gaming appliances.

If you’re buying a gaming setup, you might find a better value for money with a gaming chair.

Yet, if you intend to buy a chair for your home office and do not like the style of a gaming model, spending some money on a more premium office chair is a good investment, or opt for a gaming chair with a more muted color scheme that comprises dark or pastel colors.

Seat design and appearance

Seat design and appearance

Gaming chairs have bucket-shaped seat edges that give the gamer the thrill and experience of sitting in a racing car.

Office chairs provide enough space for the user with flat seat shapes and thus never harm the user even if they decide to use them for prolonged periods.

Lumbar support and headrest

Gaming chairs in the market usually come with external lumbar pillows or rolls that favor perfect neck placement while playing. One needs to expand their budget for buying office chairs with outstanding lumbar support.

On the other hand, office chairs come with a high headrest, while the choices are comparatively less in ergonomic office chairs, mostly with shoulder-high backrests.

Again, several options are always available in office chairs if you do your research correctly.

The angle of recline

Gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs support the ideal 110 degree-angle for the perfect backrest for added comfort.


Most standard office chairs have fixed arms, and they sometimes fail to meet the user’s requirements. In that case, the spine has to support the weight of both arms.

The armrests of a gaming chair conform to the needs of the person. That reduces the load on your neck and your spine.

There is less space between the desk and the chair during a gaming session, supporting wrists with hands close to the mouse and keyboard.


‘Ergonomic’ refers to being ‘flexible and adjustable.’ A standard office chair will not have an adjustable backrest and armrests.

As back muscles fatigue and weaken, there aren’t any adjustments to help. Users must contort their bodies to rest and find comfort.

In contrast, a gaming chair comes with three standard and flexible components that you can adjust.

Adjustable lumbar support connected to the backrest keeps the spine straight. Adjustable armrests provide extra bracing to your arms.

A reclining backrest lets you change positions frequently while sitting to encourage movement. This method positions minimal stress on the body while sitting, allowing users to sit longer without suffering discomfort.

Accessories and extras

Accessories and extras

Since standard office chairs don’t have ergonomic features, they don’t have many accessories. They also ship with extra tools and an assembly manual.

Gaming seat delivery and assembly

Most gaming chairs often ship in heavy packages of 70+ pounds. Inside are all chair components and keys for assembly. The essential addons included are adjustable neck and lumbar cushions.

Few high-end and expensive gaming chair models offer more, like retractable footrests or built-in massage units.

Movability Features

Gaming seats are notably superior as they have more functionality, including full armrest and adjustable modification, up to 180 degrees leaning backrest, customizable stature, and headrest uphold, just as a lockable backrest.

A few models have lower back and head upholds cushions and 4D armrests that guarantee you a solid gaming experience.

Even so, regular ergonomic office chairs have a leaning back backrest and a couple of flexibility highlights.

In any case, perfect quality models give high customizability, similarly to surprisingly better gaming seats.

If you need an utterly customizable armrest and backrest tilt office seat, be prepared to spend all the more for extra modifications.


You will need to consider where you will be placing your chair, how long you wish to sit in it, how much you want to spend on it, and whether you’re looking for a particular aesthetic when choosing between a gaming chair and an office chair.

Choosing between a gaming chair and an office chair also relies on your budget and preferences. Finally, it depends on whether you want to work hard or play hard!



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